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3 Signs That You Should Choose A Private School For Your Child

Posted by on Jan 13, 2017 in Uncategorized |

Ensuring that your child goes to the best school possible is probably very important to you. After all, your child’s education does depend on it. Many kids go to public school all throughout their educations without any problems, but for others, a private school experience is the best choice. These are a few signs that you may want to look into private school for your son or daughter. 1. You’d Prefer a Religious Educational Experience In the public school system, you can count on your child not to be taught more than the basics about various religions. For some, this is acceptable. For others, however, a school that has a more religious experience is important. For example, your family might be very strong in its faith, and you might prefer a school that reflects those values. On the other hand, you might not be religious at all but may want your child to have a religious experience, and you might feel that he or she can gain it in school. There are private schools that are dedicated to Christianity, Catholicism, and other religions, and one of these schools might be the best choice for your child if you would prefer that his or her education be rooted in faith. 2. Your Child Has Special Needs Does your child have special needs? If so, you might have found that the public school system is lacking in the resources to help him or her to truly succeed. Many public schools are limited in budget and other resources and can only provide children with special needs with a certain amount of what they need. If you send your child to a private school, however, he or she may be able to have more resources dedicated to him or her, which can allow him or her to get a better education. 3. Your Child Works Better in a More Personalized Environment Some kids thrive in a public school environment, while others need for their learning environment to be a bit more personalized. In a private school, there is a good chance that your child’s class will be much smaller, meaning that he or she will get more personalized attention during the school day. The teachers and other educational professionals might be able to dedicate more time and resources to your child in other ways in a private school environment as well. For some students, public school is a wonderful thing. For others, however, private school can be a much better choice. If any of these three things seem to refer to your child, now is the time to start thinking about a private school...

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3 Questions To Ask When You Are Interested In Attending An Aviation School

Posted by on Jan 11, 2017 in Uncategorized |

If you have always wanted to fly, it is time to choose an aviation school to help you take flight. Since there a number of different types of flight schools to choose from, it is important to familiarize yourself with the choices in your area and to evaluate how the requirements of attending each flight school will impact your daily life. Therefore, before signing on the dotted line and committing to any aviation school, it is a good idea to ask the following questions. #1 Is The School FAA Certified…And Does It Matter To You? It is often surprising for future flight students to learn that schools without an FAA certification can still train and certify new pilots. In fact, there are quite a few aviation schools in the United States that are not FAA certified and regularly turn out educated, accomplished pilots. One difference that you may notice between the two types of flight schools is that an FAA certified school has specific standards they must meet in order to maintain their certification. In comparison, schools without that certification may follow a similar educational plan, but do not have to. Regardless, you should still expect to pass a skills and knowledge test before earning your license. #2 What Are The Time Limits For Training? It is important to note that while it is often very convenient to get your training at your own pace or as your schedule permits, doing so will frequently increase the cost of obtaining your private pilot license dramatically.  As a result, it will be beneficial for most students to obtain the necessary training as quickly as possible, both so that you can fulfill your dream of flying and so that you can afford the cost of the training. #3 Do You Know What Privileges Come With A Private Pilot’s License? As a private pilot, after completing the training and proving your skills by passing the required tests, you will be able to fly for fun and transport friends and family members from one airport to another. You can also use your certification as a private pilot as a stepping stone and complete additional training to further your career possibilities.         In conclusion, aviation schools are available in many areas and can provide multiple types of training for the aspiring pilot. However, in order to be sure that you have chosen a training facility that is most appropriate for your lifestyle, needs, and expectations,  you should ask the questions listed above of any facility that you are interested in enrolling in....

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3 Tips For Preparing Your Child For Preschool

Posted by on Jan 11, 2017 in Uncategorized |

When it comes time for your child to attend preschool, this is going to be a new and exciting change for them. They are going to be in an environment that they have never been in before and will likely be doing new things and learning new things each day. This is going to be a great environment for them and one that can be very beneficial. However, your child still may have a hard time with this change. Thankfully, there are several things that you can do to prepare your child for this transition in their lives. This article is going to discuss three tips for preparing your child for preschool. Play Mock Preschool  Since your child has never gone to preschool before, they likely have no idea what to expect. A great way to help them to learn what they should expect is to play mock preschool with them. You can set up an area of your home like a classroom and pretend that you are the teacher and your child is the student. You can act out the activities that they will be participating in, as well as the things that they will be learning. This can include reading time, music time, play time, etc. This is going to not only help your child to learn who to expect, but also it’s going to get them very excited to do these different activities. Read Books About Preschool  Another fun way to get your child ready for preschool is to read them story books that talk about preschool. Since most children love being read to, this is going to be a fun way to teach your child what to expect. The story will explain the different aspects of preschool using pictures. These pictures can be very effective in allowing your child to actually see what is going to take place, rather than just hearing about it.  Let Your Child Know What Is Expected Of Them  Taking the time to sit down with your child and explain to them what the goals of preschool are is going to let them know how they should behave and what is going to be expected of them. You can let them know what they are going to learn academically and what is going to be expected of them socially. For example, you can explain to them that they are going to learn about letters and numbers, as well as how to interact and play with other...

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Protect Young Children From Becoming Narcissists

Posted by on Jan 10, 2017 in Uncategorized |

A child often gets a pass for inappropriate behavior due to immaturity. Some children are more well-behaved than others. Others have minor behavioral issues that can be addressed. And then there are young ones who may be on the path to becoming “emotional vampires”. In the book Emotional Vampires, by Albert J. Bernstein, “human creatures” are described as persons whose psychological issues drain others around them. An adult emotional vampire may not have developed his psychological or emotional issues late in life. Improper childhood development often contributes to problems manifested during maturity. Parents must take early childhood development very serious and keep a watchful eye out for the signs of potential narcissistic traits. Narcissism in a Child Narcissism has been described as a “Me first!” attitude. Children embody such an attitude because they are only capable of understanding their own needs. The self-centered phase is one a child absolutely must grow out of or else the youngster is at risk of becoming a narcissist. Narcissism is not “cute” in adults. It destroys relationships and creates havoc for many people. Curtailing such issues means examining the root causes and working to reverse their impact. Contributing Factors to Childhood Narcissism A common source of blame for a child’s narcissistic development would be a parents overvaluation. Parents simply take praise to an unhealthy level by leading the child to believe he/she is superior to other children. This, in turn, creates the child’s perception his/her needs are more important. On the opposite end of praise is abuse and the abuse could even come from outside the home. Overbearing teachers or classroom bullies might lead to overcompensation in the form of narcissism. Parents might not only never realize the cause of narcissism, they may never recognize behavior indicative of this troubling trait. Trouble in School To use the mantra “Even good kids don’t behave nicely all the time” may end up being a disastrous means of ignoring serious problems. A child who refuses to cooperate in school by following rules or listening to teachers or being dismissive or respectful towards other children might be in the early stages of a psychological disorder. Children who dismiss adults by saying “Don’t tell me what to do!” is out of the ordinary behavior-wise. Parents must consider reports of such conduct as major alarms. Explore Counseling Parents and guardians must accept their abilities to assist a child with emotional or psychological problems are limited. Counseling, however, may prove very helpful and reduce the chances of the young one becoming a narcissist in his/her teenage and adult years.For assistance, talk to a professional like Northside...

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5 Tips For Finding Affordable Tutoring Services

Posted by on Aug 5, 2016 in Uncategorized |

If your child is struggling in school or simply needs additional help on a certain subject, then tutoring can be a great place to turn to. However, you may find that the tutoring services available are quite expensive. Here are five tips to help you find affordable tutoring services your child can benefit from: Talk to the School: The best place to start is to talk to the school. You can either start by talking with your student’s teacher or your student’s guidance counselor. Most likely, they will know of a program, such as a free after-school program at the school that will help your child based on their individual needs. Since your child’s teacher or counselor knows your child’s academic history, this helps ensure that you are signing your child up for tutoring that will actually meet their needs.  Turn to the Local College: If you want your child to work one-on-one with a tutor, you can always turn to the local college. Many college students looking to become teachers will offer tutoring services for a much lower cost, since they are not currently certified teachers. This gives them the experience that they need while also giving your child the opportunity to work with a tutor for a low cost who is still motivated to help your child learn and grow.  Find Group Tutoring: There may be group tutoring sessions offered in your area where your child will receive tutoring by an individual while also working with a few other children. This keeps costs low because you are essentially splitting the cost of tutoring with the other children’s parents. You just need to determine whether or not your child would work well in a group setting.  Talk to an Accountant: Tutoring may be tax deductible in your case, especially if your child suffers from some kind of medical condition or mental health problem that can be diagnosed by a doctor. This typically gives valid reasoning for your child to receive tutoring, and your accountant will help you gather the right medical documents to ensure that the cost you are paying for tutoring services is written off.  When you consider these four tips, you can be sure that you are able to find affordable tutoring services that your child can benefit from. In the end, your child will thrive in school, which is the ultimate goal no matter what the cost. Contact a company like Academic Advantage Tutoring LLC for additional information on tutoring...

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How A Christian School Can Help Teen Drug And Alcohol Use

Posted by on May 5, 2016 in Uncategorized |

If you have a teenage son or daughter, you might worry a lot about bad influences. You probably know that there is a possibility that your child will get involved with drugs or alcohol, for example, and you might wonder if there is anything that you can do to prevent it. One option is to send your child to a Christian school. Although this alone might not be enough to discourage your child from being involved in the wrong things — other things, like talking to your teen about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, are important as well — it can be a smart decision. These are a few reasons why a Christian school might help prevent these types of behaviors.  Surround Your Child With People Who Share Your Family’s Values In a Christian school setting, you can expect for your child to be surrounded by other students who are also growing up in Christian homes. Your children will also be surrounded by teachers and other staff members who share your family’s values. Even though this will not prevent your child from potentially being surrounded by bad influences, it can help reduce some of these influences. It can also make behaviors like drinking or using drugs seem a lot less “normal” than it might seem in a different, non-Christian setting. Ensure That Your Child Gets Special Attention In many schools, there is a pretty big ratio of children to staff members. This means that kids can become not much more than a name and a student number. It can be difficult for teachers, counselors and other school staff members to really know what the kids are up to in school, and it can make it tougher for staff members to detect mood changes or other issues, which can be signs of drug or alcohol use. Christian schools, on the other hand, are often much smaller. This means that kids can get more special attention, and teachers, administrators, coaches, and counselors can have a closer relationship with each teen. Changes in your teen’s behavior might also be more noticeable in a smaller school setting. As you can see, a Christian school (such as Bethany Lutheran School) can be a great choice for Christian families, particularly if you are the parent of a teen and if you are concerned about the potential for drug and/or alcohol use in the future. It isn’t a substitute for taking action in other ways, but it can still be a smart decision if you want to take every step that you can to help keep your teen son or daughter safe from bad...

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You Started Young: 5 Ways Your Childhood Pointed You Towards A Business Degree

Posted by on Mar 15, 2016 in Uncategorized |

You’re about to graduate from high school. Now’s the time to start thinking about a career. You’ve thought about a career in business, but you’re not sure it’s the right move for you. The answer may lie in your childhood. Take a look at five childhood scenarios that might prove you’d be perfect in business.  Yours Was the Only Profitable Lemonade Stand Think back to those hot summer days when everyone had a lemonade stand. Did you raise prices when everyone else was closing up shop and going home? If your lemonade stand was always profitable because you understood market fluctuations, as well as supply and demand, you may be perfect for a career in business.  You Knew How to Get a Raise in Your Allowance The allowance you received as a child was your first experience with getting paid for the work you do. If you were a pro at getting your parents to increase your allowance, you were already on your way to a career in business. To be successful in business, you have to know how to negotiate a good contract.  You Loved to Count Money When other kids were counting building blocks and other assorted toys, were you busy counting money instead? Was your favorite toy a cash register? If you answered yes to those questions, the business professional inside you was being perfected during your formative years.  Your Favorite Game was Monopoly The childhood board games you played as a child can also provide a peak into your future career, especially if your favorite game was monopoly. If you loved playing monopoly for hours while amassing all the wealth and property on the board, you might have been a junior business professional all along.  You Were at Home with Power Point Presentations When all the other students were reading their hand-written notes for classroom presentations, did your presentations include detailed power point programs? Did your classroom presentations include diagrams and a laser pointer? If your idea of a good presentation included plenty of computerized programs, you might be ready to say yes to a career in business information programs.  It’s not always easy to choose a career, especially when you have so many options available to you. However, if you look back on your childhood, it can give you certain clues that will help you choose the career that’s right for you. If the scenarios listed above are familiar, you might want to talk to a guidance counselor about a career in business. For more information, visit sites...

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Time For A Move? 3 Tips To Help Your Kids Acclimate To Their New School

Posted by on Jul 24, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Going to a new school can be difficult for children, especially if they’ve lived in one place for a long time. They may be apprehensive about starting their new school, be it a public school or a private school. Or, they may be homesick for the friends they left behind. It’s important to know that there are ways to help your children through the issues they’re facing. Help Them Keep In Contact With Old Friends Your child may do better in their new school if they know they still have a connection to the friends they left behind. If your child is old enough for an email account, help them set one up so that they can keep in contact with all their friends back home. This will help alleviate some of the anxiety your child may be feeling about the upcoming move and their new school. Find Friends Before School Starts A new school usually means no friends until they make new ones. That can make a few lonely days at school. If you’re moving during the summer or during another scheduled break from school–such as spring break or Christmas vacation–there are ways your child can make friends before school starts. Take your kids to places where kids usually gather during time off from school. Some good places for your kids to make friends would include local parks, libraries or community swimming pools. The more time your kids spend at these locations, the better chance they have of making new friends before school starts. Walk the Route a Few Times Before classes start at their new school, walk the route with them several times. If you have their class schedule, have them do a practice run of what will be their normal school day. Make sure they find the bathrooms, cafeteria and office during their practice run. This will alleviate stress and embarrassment on the first day because they’ll already know where they’re supposed to be throughout the day. It’s also important that you practice their transportation, as well. If your child will be walking to and from school, walk the route with them a few times before school starts. If they’ll be taking the bus, have them practice walking to and from the bus stop. A new school doesn’t have to be stressful. These simple tips will help your child acclimate to their new surroundings, so they can flourish at their new...

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